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Does your organisation offer and deliver these solutions?

  • Workforce Management, Workflow Software

  • Quality, Compliance, and Risk Management Software

  • Telehealth, Telemedicine, Communications Tech

  • Medication Management

  • Cybersecurity, Security Software

  • Client & Care Management Software

  • Healthcare Information Systems, Electronic Health Management, Data Analytics

  • Digital Health Consultants

  • ICT, Networks, & Infrastructure

  • Patient Flow Software

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Engage with CIO’s and senior technology leaders from across Australia’s care sector who are responsible for:

  • Data privacy and security 

  • Digital literacy and adoption  

  • Digital transformation   

  • Data and analytics 

  • Process improvement  

  • Service innovation  

  • Client/Patient engagement strategies    

  • Business analysis  

  • Disability Services care policy  

  • AI and Automation  

  • Robotics  

Aventedge - Disability Services Digital & Technology Transformation Forum May 23-327.JPG
Aventedge - Disability Services Digital & Technology Transformation Forum May 23-329.JPG

Top Priorities Expressed by Our Attendees

  • How will emerging tools and technology help providers prepare for reform to achieve quality, safety, and compliance in a cost effective and sustainable manner?  

  • How can providers reduce staff pressures and enhance consumer/patient experience through workforce & client management solutions and data analytics?  

  • How can digital applications be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems to achieve high quality interoperability, compliance, and data insights? 

  • How can the health sector ensure digital systems and records are kept safe through cybersecurity measures to prevent business disruptions, maintain service levels, and uphold patient privacy?  

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