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Day One - Tuesday, 28 May 2024


Chairperson’s Opening Address

David Moody Speaker Picture.jpg

David Moody, Director, Management Governance Australia & Workforce Plus



Implementing technology with consideration to the user in a rapidly growing landscape

  • Translating implementation into uptake by understanding what is important

  • Ensuring the autonomy of the user and accounting for ethical considerations


Professor Rachael McDonald, Director, MedTechVic Hub, School of Health Sciences, Swinburne University of Technology


Digital mess or digital success – evidence-based insights through the lens of advisor & software provider that all service providers need to know 

  • What are the combination of factors that makes this sector so digitally challenging? 

  • How do you find the right solutions and partners? 

  • Why are most digital investments not meeting the high hopes expected? 

  • The challenge of sustainability for all software vendors in our sector and the risk this presents to Service Providers

Pete Boyd photo.jpg

Pete Boyd, General Manager, KPMG Community Care, KPMG 


Case study: Sharing the key learnings from the journey to enabling effective digital co-design  

  • Creating the partnerships to foster the practices to enhance service quality, accessibility and user experience

  • Evaluating the lessons learned from undertaking this process 

Primal Fernando Speaker Picture.jpeg

Primal Fernando, Senior Information Technology Officer, Victorian Disability Worker Commission


ShiftCare Lighting addres


Networking Bingo


Morning Tea 



Improving the efficiency of the clinical workforce through digital and technological solutions

  • Identifying where developments can be made and the approaches to doing so

  • Encompassing all the components that need to be addressed to achieve so

Helen Ashton Speaker Picture.jpg

Helen Ashton, Head of Information and Technology, Sunnyfield


Leveraging Real-Time NDIS Data for Strategic Decision-Making

  • Optimising operations based on live data from NDIS APIs. 

  • Aggregating data from your CRM, Finance and the NDIS into a single source of truth

Amir Hosseini.jpg

Amir Hosseini, Director, QuickClaim


Thomas Pike Speaker Picture.jpeg

Fostering partnerships to enable collaboration, inclusivity and agency in the co-design process

  • Facilitating the transition from user to co-designer: what structures need to be in place

  • Delving into the ongoing process of refinement – how can this be improved

Thomas Pike, ICT Innovation Lead, Carers ACT


Brevity Lightning Address


Networking Lunch


Explanation of Roundtables + Directions 


Round tables x 4  

Roundtable 1: Best practices for implementing NDIS APIs into your IT ecosystem

Amir Hosseini, Director, QuickClaim

Roundtable 2: Future of AI-powered Frontline Workers

Susmita Ahmed, Solutions Sales Specialist, Canon Business Services ANZ, Canon


Roundtable 3: Constructing the secure infrastructure required to mitigate and contain inevitable intrusions  


Roundtable 4: Incubating innovation to assist with the internal development of better systems




Embarking on the next phase of technology and digital transformation – what will this    entail for the sector

  • Extrapolating the paradigms shaping the sector in this space and what can be learnt from others

  • Achieving more with less – extracting better value from the latest technological and digital solutions

Scott Miller Speaker Picture.jpeg

Scott Miller, Chief Executive, Freedom Solutions Australia


Afternoon Tea



Panel: Keeping your workforce up to speed with technology

  • Ensuring necessary training and education is undertaken

  • Addressing the challenges the providers, workforce and participants face in the field of digital literacy

Jessica Wilson Speaker Picture.jpg

Jessica Wilson, Senior Manager – Business Systems, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Australia

Jodi Martin Speaker Picture.jpg

Jodi Martin, General Manager Strategy & Innovation, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT


Anchor Keynote: Utilising social robots and Virtual Reality based learning to improve client experience and outcomes

  • Drawing upon partnerships to optimise effectiveness of implementation

  • Embedding technology and innovation throughout your organisation

Chris Beaumont.png

Chris Beaumont, Service Design and Implementation Partner, Endeavour Foundation


Closing Remarks  


Medi-Map networking address


Networking Drinks 

Day 2

Day Two - Wednesday, 29 May 2024


Chairperson’s Opening Address

David Moody Speaker Picture.jpg

David Moody, Director, Management Governance Australia & Workforce Plus



Keynote: Leveraging technology as an enabler to transform human services

  • The importance of having clear goals about your outcomes and how you will measure them

  • Being clear on the people and process changes you want to achieve before embarking on a technology solution and adapting systems to your organisational needs, not vice versa

  • Explore practical examples of where strategic customisation and new end to end systems have led to measurably improved quality of disability services, as well as administrative efficiencies

John Rowland Speaker Picture.jpeg

John Rowland, Executive Director, Strategy and Growth, Possability


Intelligent Pathways presentation session

Simon McCabe Speaker Picture.png

Simon McCabe, Chief Commercial Officer, Intelligence Pathways 


Achieving effective internal change management whilst improving your bottom line through IT

  • Sharing key learnings from rolling out a new system across your organisation

  • Maximising the benefits of a new system to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and tighten security

George Cassar Speaker Picture.jpeg

George Cassar, IT & Projects Manager, Autism South Australia


Morning Tea



Aligning a strong data governance framework within an organisation to reduce teething problems with the greater adoption of technology

  • Constructing the solid platform from which to grow from

  • Attaining agency over business strategy for the path forward

Marcello Sequeira Speaker Picture_LE_auto_x2.jpg

Marcello Sequeira, Head of Information Architecture and Governance, The Benevolent Society


Workato Presentation Session 


Achieving synergy between your workforce and clients when implementing new technology to create more accessible outcomes

  • Preparing the workforce for upcoming change and ensuring they have the necessary skills

  • Aligning this change with your clients for cohesion between the two

Jodi Martin Speaker Picture.jpg

Jodi Martin, General Manager Strategy & Innovation, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT




The evolving role of risk management in cybersecurity

  • Understanding what tools are available (and you might already be using) to help kickstart your Cyber Security roadmap

  • Integrating cyber security practices and responses effectively into your risk management strategies/practice

Joshua Baker Speaker Picture.jpg

Joshua Baker, Senior Project Manager, Management Governance Australia and Workforce Plus


Panel: Data in the digital age – what does it mean for interoperability, privacy and security?

  • Expanding the data available in the sector to elevate quality and risk management

  • Enabling systems to communicate with one another without endangering privacy

Thomas Pike Speaker Picture.jpeg

Thomas Pike, ICT Innovation Lead, Carers ACT

George Ioannides Speaker Picture.jpg

George Ioannides, Information Technology Consultant, Settlement Services International

Professor Rachael McDonald, Director, MedTechVic Hub, School of Health Sciences, Swinburne University of Technology


Afternoon Tea


Case Study: Enhancing digital experiences with a focus on accessibility and user experience

  • Accessibility as a key principle of our technology strategy to foster the participation of lived experience in our organisation

  • Lesson learned while creating a more inclusive environment for our clients and workforce

Damien McCormack Speaker Picture_edited.jpg

Damien McCormack, CIO, Vision Australia



Embedding strategy within your organisation through the usage of BI

  • Harnessing the power of the information available to craft a strategic plan for the years ahead

  • Maintaining control over the strategy while understanding where the limits of inhouse knowledge

Lorna Mackie Speaker Picture.jpeg

Lorna Mackie, Head of Strategy Management, Activ Foundation


Chairperson’s Closing Address

David Moody Speaker Picture.jpg

David Moody, Director, Management Governance Australia & Workforce Plus

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