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Co-Located Digital and Technology Transformation Care Summits 

At our recent events, it became abundantly clear that to ensure organisations in Australia’s Care Sector can adapt to the challenging regulatory, workforce,  business, financial and ever-changing technology landscape – Care sector CIOs and digital leaders would need to be more dynamic, coordinated and capable of driving organisational change.   


Our research also shows that Aged Care and Disability Care CIOs and digital technology leaders are focusing their efforts in overcoming three critical areas:  

  • Integration and interoperability of systems 

  • Data privacy and security 

  • Digital literacy and adoption  


But alongside technology change, is the increasing importance of human factors, leadership and need for the entire IT team to drive organisational change. 


For seven years, we've delivered strategic events to the Australian Care Sector  


In 2024, we’re bringing our suite of Aged and Disability Care Digital Technology and Transformation events together to address the above challenges.  


Over two days, each event will have specialised keynotes, case studies, panel discussions, and interactive workshops…tailored to the needs of each care sector audience.  While each event is separate, each event offers the opportunity for delegates to network and explore solutions with vendors in each of the three critical areas.  


What distinguishes our event is the focus on how leadership can drive digital and technological change.  


If you would like to meet, engage, and partner with digital health, technology and security leaders across aged care, disability services, hospitals, primary health, allied health, community health, you need to be at CareTech 2024.  

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